We understand that the success of our competition directly relates to our volunteers.  It takes a team of people to put on a well run competition and regardless of scale, our desire is to create a properly planned, organized and seamless competition.  This is only made possible through the efforts of our team of Volunteers.  

We need assistance from athlete check-in's to event set up to the confidence in calling out no reps.  Every bit of help we receive makes a difference and will directly relate to a great competition.  We appreciate any support from our community and will continue to stay grateful.

2018 Plex Games Judges, we will be one meeting between now and May 5th.  

Saturday, April 28th @ 11am - Judges Meeting

Requirements to be a judge :

  • You're a Judge, not a cheerleader
  • It's your decision not the athlete
  • Always let athletes no when and why they are being No Repped
  • Stick to your guns, your word is final
  • Be clear about movement standards before the workout begins
  • PAY ATTENTION. Your athletes are counting on you to judge them
  • We're here to have fun and celebrate fitness, always give athletes the benefit of the doubt

If you have any questions, please direct them to Tom at info@theplexgames.com